What must be seen / heard in the video?

  • say your name if you want
  • play a sound with your instrument every second – for approximately 10 seconds
  • play your own rhythm/your own melody

Do I have to tell my name in the video?

No, you do not have to. If you prefer to start playing right away, that’s ok.

How can I be join the live vegetable orchestra?

Upload your video with the vegetable instrument you made. After all the submissions have reached us, we will contact all children and ask to play.

What if I don’t want to be seen in the video?

No problem, just let yourself be filmed so that you cannot be recognized. it is only important that you see how the instrument is played.

Can I invent my own instruments?

You are welcome to use your own creations or modified instruments and record for us – we are very excited about the recordings.

Do I need previous knowledge to perform live in the vegetable orchestra?

No, all you need is time to take part in the rehearsals (dates will be announced) and want to play along. We will work out everything else together with you.

I just want to send a video and not play at the concert.

Very nice, we look forward to your video. The more submissions we have, the more colorful and better the vegetable orchestra sounds – even if not all children are there live.

I just want to play at the concert and don’t want to record a video in advance.

By sending a video we get material for our vegetable orchestra and the contact to you. If you don’t want to or can’t record a video, please contact us – maybe there is still a possibility that you can play at the concert: labor@klangnetz-dresden.de.

Is there a minimum age or a maximum age?

As long as you feel like you are welcome – nobody is too old or too young to build and play a vegetable instrument. To participate in the concert, however, we recommend that you should at least go to 1st class.